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Surfing in the Algarve

Surf your first green wave, learn new manoeuvres and become a better surfer!

Your surf lesson

The surf lessons will be with one of the oldest surf schools of the Algarve. The individual support and direct contact between students and surf instructor is the main focus. The classes are limited to eight students and are given by licensed ISA surf instructors.

In case your are an exüperinced surfer you can improve your surfing with a personal video coaching. This option is only for advanced surfers, which perfom a safe take-off in green waves and are able to ride along the green wave.

One day course includes:

  • professional lessons with ISA licensed surf instructors
  • individual coaching in small groups ( max. 8 persons)
  • theory units and video analysis
  • use material (wetsuit and surfboard)
  • drive to the surf spots
The courses will be adapted on your level, which can be subdivided into three levels:

Level 1 (Beginner)

You never surfed before and want to experience the feeling while surfing or maybe you have tried surfing before but you were struggling with the take off? Then Level 1 is best for you.

Course content and goals:
You will learn the basics of surfing step by step. Beginning with the right handling of surf equipment, finding the perfect positon on the surfboard, paddle techniques and the take off in white water. Our surf instructors bring you to the best spots in the area with easy beginner friendly waves. The goal of the Level 1 surf course is to give you the knowledge where to find suitable waves for you, handling your surfboard well and going surfing on your own.

Level 2 (Intermediate)

You took a surf lesson before and are familiar with the basics of surfing. You are able to do a take off in white water and want to move on to riding green waves. Then Level 2 is best for you.

Course content and goals:
Besides the focus on the basics this course aims for improving your take off in green waves. Additionally you will learn the base of riding your first manoeuvres that includes navigating back to the pocket and down the line surfing. The goal of Level 2 is to improve your technique and skills insofar as you are able to go surfing on your own without depending on a surf instructor.

Level 3 (Advanced)

You are able to do a take off in green waves and surf in the unbroken part of a wave? Manoeuvre like riding back to the pocket belong to your repertoire? Then Level 3 is best for you.

Course content and goals:
In the Level 3 course the focus will be on refining your already learned skills and to take your surfing to the next level. Your personal goals are in the foreground. In this course you will learn skills such as a proper bottom turn, how to do a cutback and improving your top turn. The theory units contain topics such as the technique of surf manoeuvres and video analysis. The goal of Level 3 is to learn essential manoeuvres while surfing and to take your surfing to a level where you feel comfortable in challenging waves.

Surf Guiding

Due to the big choice of surf spots it sometimes is hard to choose the right spot at particular conditions – The Heinrichs help you being at the right time at the right place. Surf guiding is for experienced surfers who want to spend as much time as possible in the water. You get to know the best spots of the region and benefit from local knowledge. Additionally you will get tips and advice to specialties of each surf spot.

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