The Heinrichs Surf

The Heinrichs philosophy

Surfing is about traveling the world and meeting new cultures. Learn to surf and you will keep discovering places you would have never thought of.

About us

For us surfing is not only a sport that involves a lot of joy, it is a whole lifestyle. A lifestyle that is especially about discovering extraordinary places in the world. During the constant search for perfect waves we stumbled across breath taking nature, met many different cultures and made new friends along the way. Surfing brought us among others to the diverse coastline of California, remote tropical paradises in Indonesia, cactus covered deserts in Mexico, colourful marketplaces of Morocco, cultural Sri Lanka, whales in New Zealand or the biodiverse Australia and to the numerous beaches of Europe.

Through our longstanding experience in surfing and traveling, we at The Heinrichs have the goal to provide you the best surf coaching possible and to prepare you to discover the world as a surfer. A lot of fun, a fast learning process and individual support are one of the most important qualities for us.

The Heinrichs and the Algarve

We have been looking for a suitable place in Europe that has good surfing conditions yearlong to teach beginners the first essentials in surfing, as well as to improve the first manoeuvres of intermediates and advanced surfers. With its special coastline, its numerous beaches and the mild climate the Algarve appears to be the perfect location and that is why we started the project The Heinrichs in 2016.

What started as a nickname a couple of years ago turned into our company name and philosophy. Like Henry the Navigator once initiated many discoveries from the Algarve, you will learn to surf at The Heinrichs to see the world and travel places you have never been before.

We are looking forward to welcome you at The Heinrichs and to share our passion with you.

Come and join us